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Stage & Theater

You worked so hard preparing and rehearsing for the big performance! Why only allow people one opportunity to see all of your hard work? Utilizing our video services we can capture the production in high definition quality and give everyone the opportunity to watch and enjoy the performance again and again.


Ballet recitals, musical productions, orchestra concerts, and so on starting with school productions and going all the way up to professional level, we can handle any and all of your video needs!

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Multiple Cameras

We will set up as many cameras as you need to make sure we have every important angle and don't miss a single moment of the production!

Opera Performances for Children

HD Quality

Your video will be shot using our HD cameras making the final product look crisp and larger than life!

Live Performance

Advanced Audio

Our audio experts will make sure the sound is at it's best and will make your viewers feel like they are in right there in the theater!

Break Dance Crew

Personalized Services

Every project is different and we know this production means a lot to you. We will work with you one on one to make sure the final video is exactly how you envisioned it!

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