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Client Testimonials

Hiring Liz and Alex at Primo Video was the BEST investment of my whole wedding. At first, I didn't think I wanted a videographer, but after seeing and reliving my wedding, this was the BEST decision I have ever made and I highly recommend Primo Video to anyone getting married. Liz and Alex were by far my favorite vendor to work with on my wedding day. Together, they made my whole wedding party feel so calm and comfortable. Their kindness and their passion for their job made my day so fun! It was like I had known them for years! The quality of the video and the music was by far the best I have ever seen. They truly have a gift and dedicate so much time into each one of their videos. This moment only happens once and I am beyond thrilled that I will have these memories for years to come!

Kerri Toomey


I contracted Primo Video to film and produce a live video of one of our performances. This video was extremely important to my career and bringing things to the next level. I knew that I could trust Primo Video to deliver the quality product that I required. They definitely came through!

All of the videos produced by Primo Video were a great quality and have helped me secure bigger and better gig opportunities. They well exceeded my expectations and have given me the tools that I need to further my career as an artist.

Not only were the videos a great quality, but they were a pleasure to work with. Primo video was professional and had a great eye for catching just the right shot. I would definitely work with them again for any future videos that I may require.

Tom Dixon

Country Music Artist

Live Concert Video

Advice I could give to any couple searching for a videographer would be to stop the search now. You have just come across the most professional, valuable, friendly, accommodating (the list goes on) videographer ever. Alex and Liz are true professionals in the business. Our videos surpassed my expectations and my husband and I are thrilled with the quality of work Primo Video did to capture the wonderful memories from our wedding day. The whole day, they made us feel at ease and their personalities are so wonderful that they felt like family, fitting in perfectly with our wedding guests. I highly recommend Primo Video to anyone who is searching for a videographer. They offer the perfect price, for a perfect service.

Demitria Medeiros


I can’t say enough about Liz and Alex! They went above and beyond to put together an AMAZING Business profile for Torched Kickboxing! They made me and my members totally feel at ease! If you are looking for a professional video, I would look no further than Primo video! Simply outstanding!

Tiffany Wetherbee
Torch'd Kickboxing Owner

Business Profile

I would HIGHLY recommend Primo Video for any of your video recording needs. I recently used Primo Video to shoot my very first music video and the finished product came out great! Liz and Alex are a super professional team and are very easy to talk to. Their personable manner made recording hours of footage extremely enjoyable. They use a wide variety of professional camera equipment which made for some amazing shots for my video. Everyone who has seen the video comments on the "cool footage shot from above" using a drone camera! I'm glad I had a chance to use Primo Video for my first music video. I will definitely be using them again for future videos! Thanks Primo Video! My music video is a SUCCESS!

Whitney Doucet

Country Music Artist
Music Video

I don't even know how to begin to tell people how AMAZING Liz and Alex are!!! From the moment I first started talking with Liz I knew what a fun and kind person she was. They were always easy to get answers from right away, leaving me with no added stress. The day of the wedding I fell in love with them and their work. They were so great to be around making it so easy to be in front of the camera. They were so considerate of everything around them and worked impeccably well with the other vendors. Liz and Alex are the type of people you want to become life long friends with!

Now to talk about how incredible the results were! She was so wonderful to keep me updated on what the status of the video delivery time was, which made it easy to relax about when it was coming. Once we got the videos we could not believe how amazing they were! they went above and beyond and allowed us to relive our most memorable day over and over again! The video had people crying that did not even know who we were! The fact that they were able to catch the essence of all the emotions so perfectly is amazing and we cannot say thank you enough! If you think you can find a better video production service for the quality, personalism, and professionalism that they have good luck cause you won't be able to find one!

Marquita Lizotte


I hired Primo Video last Summer to film a commercial for my Interior/Exterior painting business.  In order to get real and authentic footage of my company at work, it was necessary for their filming crew to come out to an actual house that we were painting.  How they got the great footage they did without my workers or myself even knowing they were there is beyond me.  They were professional yet inconspicuous as they did the work they needed to do, and didn't interfere with the work we needed to do.  

As far as the actual end product goes, Primo Video listened to all of the ideas I had and put it together exactly how I had envisioned it.  The final product is so professional, I am more than pleased.  Their work is better than some of the commercials I see on TV and yet their rates can not be beat!  This commercial will help take my business to the next level and I personally would like to thank Primo Video for that.

John Burke

JB's Contracting


Beautiful, beautiful work!!!! This was the best investment we could have ever made into our wedding day. Every time I watch the videos it brings me right back to all the feelings of excitement and pure happiness I experienced on that day. I also love getting the chance to see things I didn't get to see like fun reception entrances and our grandparents walking down the aisle during the ceremony. Liz was wonderful throughout the whole entire process. Her and Alex were a blast to work with. They instantly felt like old friends. It shows that they love their job and they are great at it! I can't stop watching the videos ! I'm beyond happy with them! I highly recommend Primo Video to capture the most important day of your life!

Kayla Gandolfi


The music industry has transformed in the digital age. Careers are made and broken without the involvement any true industry. The tools to record and share songs are literally in the hands of every consumer -- nevermind artist --in the forms of iPhones, tablets, and laptops. But, intrinsic to this opportunity is an underlying danger. Finding the right partner, at the right price, delivering the right product is often the thing of luck and circumstance. I can personally attest to dropping much of our band's profit on products that didn't match our investment. That's what was so great about Primo Video: they are consummate professionals who invest themselves in your project and your product. Liz and Alex are artists. Their product is the documentation of your product. They aren't there to collect money; they are there to capture each person's creative process. Their passion for working together for you is evident at every step of the process. It doesn't hurt that they are professionals who have worked with the biggest stars in the biggest venues, but the best part is that they apply the same level of detail-oriented care and planning to every client, regardless of whether they've gone platinum.


Every band has dreams. Primo Video is the rare vendor that invests in them. They aren't a service provider. They are partners. And, in this era of viral success, that could be the difference.

Brian Scully

Dalton and the Sheriffs

Live Concert Video

Primo Video was one of the best vendor choices I made for my wedding! They were extremely professional and responded to my many questions promptly and with thoughtfulness. I purchased the Diamond package which included coverage of myself and my fiance getting ready, ceremony, reception and a Highlight video. Liz and Alex arrived on my wedding day and put me at ease, molding to their surroundings and greeting my family and wedding party with warmth and excitement! After our ceremony, my husband and I took some time to celebrate and take pictures before rejoining our wedding party. Liz and Alex were fun to be around and captured some amazing memories while we celebrated, this was amazing! From the moment I began watching the video, they're creativity and passion for their work was beaming. I cannot express how many emotions that video portrayed, I cried it was so beautiful! I watch the highlight video almost everyday! Having those precious moments captured with videography is truly priceless. Thank you so much Liz and Alex for being a wonderful addition to our wedding day and for making this a great experience for Greg and I!! You both are seriously the best!!! To any bride and groom making the decision on videography, I can honestly tell you it is worth it!

Samar McCorry


First a general comment about wedding videos- ALWAYS get one- there are voices and laughter that may not be around in the future and you will want to hear them. Primo video was on time, friendly, reliable, inconspicuous and affordable. 30 years ago my husband and I hired a videographer who got drunk at our wedding and jumped in front of the camera several times with ridiculous comments - needless to say when hiring someone for my sons wedding we were a bit nervous. Primo could not have been more professional and never in the way. We had heard from friends who had videos done that they felt the videographer was in the way of guests but not with Primo. We love the video they made. My daughter in law did not want a video at first but after seeing hers is now soooo happy she did . Hope to have another wedding coming up and would def hire them.

Diane Schlosser


At first my husband and I almost didn't hire a videographer, but we are so glad we did, Liz and Alex ended up being our favorite vendors on our wedding day. What sold us was their flexible packages and great pricing - we were able to purchase only what we needed, wanted, and could afford. But what made them great is that they were helpful, they had really great creative ideas (they are obviously very talented, the proof is in their portfolio), and they also listened to our ideas and made sure to incorporate everything that we noted was important to include in our wedding video. They also worked well with our photographers, our other vendors, and our guests and bridal party LOVED them - Liz and Alex were an absolute blast to have at our wedding, they were so much fun! Our wedding video came out beautiful and now we can relive our special day in a way that photographs could never do for us, I can't believe we almost didn't book a videographer. I would recommend them again and again, we are so happy we went with Primo Video!

Rachel Sowersby


Liz and Alex from Primo Video were AMAZING!! They were so easy to work with from the start and looked to provide us with a custom package that fit our needs. They were prompt in their communication and always made us feel like we were their number one priority.

The day of the wedding, I couldn't have been happier knowing they were filming our big day! I trusted them 100% to capture the footage needed to document the priceless memories with our friends and family. They were both so friendly and easy going, they fit the exact vibe we were going for and complemented our day perfectly. They worked relentlessly to capture every aspect of the day - so much so that it impressed our guests! Several guests mentioned to me how fantastic they were and how they seemed to be everywhere, yet were so discrete.

The video they produced was phenomenal. It has made everyone who has watch it laugh and cry. They captured the most perfect moments and edited them together into a rich story that portrayed the day beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with Primo Video. I’ve already started thinking of other events we could put on so we can hire them again! Definitely part of my A-team for life.

Alicia Hoffman


I was the girl who didn't want videography for my wedding - primarily because I didn't want to spend the big-bucks most companies were charging and I didn't think I'd ever watch it. Now that my wedding is over - BOY AM I HAPPY I HIRED PRIMO PRODUCTIONS!!!! I randomly came across their ad on Craigslist and sent an e-mail to see what their prices were. Liz (Director of Video Services) promptly responded back to me and we chatted over the phone. She sent me a link to their website and I was blown away by the quality of the video samples they had and their excellent prices. I hired them immediately. Liz and her team were at our wedding from ceremony start to reception end. They were so friendly, professional, and definitely appeared behind the scenes (i.e. not in the photogs way or vice versa) to capture all of the special moments of our day. Last night my husband and I watched the video (entire ceremony and highlights of the day and reception). It was just AMAZING and I am BEYOND ELATED that we have this special video that we can watch 50 years from now and relive the special day. I can’t say enough excellent things about Liz and Primo Video. They are a customer-service focused company and their sincere passion for what they do is apparent in their attitude and their work. Do yourself a favor and go with Primo Video!!!

Elaine Nadeau


Liz and Alex did an amazing job filming our wedding! They were attentive getting lots of random shots I never would have thought of for the video and fixing my dress, hair, and even my necklace to make sure all the shots were perfect. They were very professional and personable, quick to respond and understanding when I didn't respond right away. The videos were absolutely perfect. The highlight video is a great memento we will watch again and again, the skill and quality of the video are impeccable. I cannot recommend Primo Video enough!

Ginnifer Fenuccio


Our experience with Primo Video was exceptional! They were very responsive to our emails (both before and after our wedding), and were very pleasant to work with. Their level of professionalism and the quality of their work far exceeded our expectations! We would highly recommend Primo Video and are thrilled with the way they beautifully captured our special day!

Beth Hubbard


Primo video did such a wonderful job.Prior to the wedding they were extremely helpful with all the questions I had and quick with responses .They made us feel very comfortable throughout the evening. The video was beyond what we ever could have hoped for. I would recommend them to anyone I know in need of their services. A+

Krystin Arruda


I would advise any one to use this video company. They were so easy to work with, so responsive and so reasonably priced!,.best of all, they did an outstanding job. !,, MY daughter was so nervous that a videographer would be in everyone's face. On the day of the wedding,, she never realized they were there. They were so unobtrusive and yet they captured everything!!! Liz and her husband are so nice. Don't hesitate to book them . If anyone else in our family gets married I won't look anywhere else.



Primo Video provided the videography services for my daughter's wedding. They were professional and very easy to work with. They showed up for our event on time and captured every moment exactly as we wanted. While capturing each occurrence, they remained almost invisible to the wedding guests. The video is high quality and we will enjoy it for many years to come. Primo Video is fabulous. I highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again. Use them, you won't be sorry!!!

Joanne Fugere


Alex and Liz at Primo Video are amazing! They were so fun to work with and helped us to capture the most special moments of our Big Day. Videography was the last thing we considered for our wedding, but we couldn't be happier with our decision because now we get to relive the best day of our lives over and over again! Primo Video did an amazing job and we HIGHLY recommend them!

Sarah Janson


"Your wedding day seems to fly by, in a single blur of family, friends, dancing, music, food and fun. You try to take in as much as you can ... To remember it all ... But it's just not possible! To relive your wedding day through photos is amazing in itself .... But to relive it through amazing video footage is another! We couldn't have asked for more professional, amazing, creative, thoughtful, easy-going, caring, fun, considerate & attentive videographers. Primo Video captured the most wonderful moments that we can now cherish for the rest of our lives. After viewing our DVDs, it's inconceivable to think how these videographers were able to capture these moments seemingly unnoticed. We relived that special day all over again with both tears and butterflies. We would give Primo Video the highest of recommendations, the best of reviews, a 10/10 and 5 stars! From before the first moments to the last, they were there. To anyone considering having a videographer for their wedding, don't pass it up. This is NOT one of those things you should so easily cut out of your wedding budget! Make it happen! You will not regret it .... And Primo Video will prove to you exactly why it is worth having! This is a day you should & can remember forever!"

Cheryl Cebula


They stunningly provided seamless work as our professional videography service for our special day. We cannot express how grateful we are for their flexibility, professionalism, and light hearted attitude which made everything they did look easy. We had great looks from all cameras set up in the church that captured intimate close-ups and medium to wides to capture the crowd and beautiful church. Lots of thought goes into their preparation and we enjoyed their company on top of it all."

Matthew Sullivan


I am so happy we chose Primo Video to capture our wedding day. Throughout the entire planning process, Liz (our videographer) was so helpful and personable. She made me feel so at ease about having someone film my wedding. My priest even asked who were the videographers at the wedding due the professionalism and respect displayed by Liz and Alex. When I got the finished product, I was so pleased! Liz listened to every single one of my recommendations and the highlight video was even better than I could have dreamed of! Thanks Primo Video for capturing such a wonderful memory.

Nicole Lotito


"I was highly impressed and satisfied with the work of your staff, Liz Koroskenyi and Olivia Gilchrest. They went above and beyond at my baby shower and made everything feel comfortable. Liz introduced her and Olivia and explained to me what would be happening during the baby shower. She also asked me if there were any specific people to focus on. They did incredibly well with the filming that I hardly noticed them even being there. I am happy with the outcome of the video. It was short and the most important parts were filmed. She made sure that certain moments were right on que with the music. I appreciate everything the girls did for me! I will be sure to recommend them to others as well as using them again in the near future. Thank you!"

Angela Moore

Baby Shower

"I was fortunate to have found primo video to videotape my wedding. They were excellent... very professional, responsive to all needs and questions, talented and genuinely loved videotaping our event. I was nervous, and they even managed to put me at ease with their sincere encouragement and down to earth fun attitude. Our video turned out beyond my expectations, they are amazing!! Highly recommended!"

Deborah Wax


"I would highly recommended primo productions to anyone who is looking to have their special day video graphed. One of the first things we cut out of our budget was the videographer due to pricing and wanting to keep our budget under control. As a last minute surprise to my wife I hired primo and it was the best thing I could have ever done. This duo went above and beyond what I was expecting on the day of the wedding. They were super professional and you barely knew they were even around. We have watched the highlight video of the day a million times since we got married, and being able to watch the ceremony and reception in full was awesome since the day goes by so fast!!! Primo is extremely reasonable and produces an amazing product. I recommended to anyone looking to relive that special day at a moment’s notice!!!!!!"

Ryan Duffy


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